What is a congregational church?
A congregational church is a part of the universal church of Jesus, but is governed by our local congregation. While it elects deacons, committee leaders, and trustees to take care of the affairs of the church, all major decisions in the life of the church go through the entire membership of our congregation

Is your church friendly?
Here at Seward Congregational Church, we are like a family. We consider everyone who walks in our doors part of that family. We will be both honored and excited if you choose to come and worship with our family. (We also have great pot luck dinners, so we can eat like a family.)

What worship style (and music) can I expect if I attend a worship service?
With respect to worship style, you can expect a little bit of everything. We have elements of traditional service, but are always seeking to work in contemporary elements as well. We are very blessed musically, so you may hear our Adult Choir, listen to our Children’s Choir, sing along with our special Youth Praise Leaders, hear a beautiful piece on our organ, or even hear a special solo.

What if I have children?
Children are an important part of our church. Many of our children sit in service with the adults, but we are always willing to accommodate parents with whatever their child needs. We offer a children’s message, direct from the Pastor every week, which teaches children the same lesson the adults will be learning. We are always grateful for our young families and their children and are always seeking new ways to serve and grow them, for we know “The Kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these” (Luke 18:16)

What should I wear to church?
While attire varies in our congregation, we are primarily casual in our dress. We know that God is more concerned with what was on the inside that the outside (1 Samuel 16:7). So come dressed in whatever will allow you to worship God best and we’ll love you just the same.

Will I be asked to give?
We do “pass the offering plate” in the traditional fashion, but only as a means of worship God through the giving His tithes and our offerings. All giving you choose to give is confidential and goes directly to our ministry costs. There is no obligation to give. We are much more concerned with what’s in your heart that what’s in the plate, but we are grateful for “every good and perfect gift” our church receives.

Are there Bible studies available for me?
Growth in God’s word for everyone is a main priority here at Seward Congregational. We offer Sunday School classes for ages 3 and up. We also have two wonderful small group studies for women in respective age groups. We are looking to create more opportunities, including Mid-Week study, Men’s Bible Study, Couples Small group, and others, as the Lord directs.

What makes your church different?
First, we have a commitment to each member of our family and desire for the to grow stronger and deeper in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ. To that end, we strongly emphasize the importance of prayer and God’s word in this church. We know that is how lives are changed.

Second, we have a church community where everyone is needed and valued. God has created each of us with different gifts, talents, and abilities. No matter what yours are, we can use them here at Seward Congregational Church, to the glory of God alone.

Third, you have church leadership that cares about YOU. Our pastor calls you, writes you, and visits you in your home. Our church seeks to serve you, teach you, grow you, and bring you closer to God, all in the context of relational fellowship. Every decision we prayerfully make is desired to reach that end… because we are a family and everyone is valued here.